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  • The Hispanismo website contains three databases which store and display information on university departments of Hispanic and Latin American studies from all around the world, university teachers and researchers and associations of hispanists, with more than 14,900 entries.

    For the first time in Internet's history, the Hispanismo site gathers and classifies information which is relevant to international hispanism:

    1. 2800 Spanish departments from more than 120 countries.

    2. More than 12,000 entries of hispanists, university teachers and researchers including their research interests and areas of expertise.

    3. More than 200 associations of hispanists and associatons of teachers of spanish, including a wide range of national and international activities.

    The Hispanismo site presents news, announcements, events, conferences, seminars, job offers, courses, thesis, grants and awards relating to Spanish studies from around the world. A bibliography section has also been added. This section will include publications of interest for researchers and professionals of Hispanic and Latin American studies.

Registered users


    Every university teacher or researcher who specialises in Hispanic or Latin American studies and who is affiliated to a university department or a research centre anywhere in the world will be able to register as a User.

    When clicking on the 'Registrarse' (Register) button, you will be presented with a form that must be filled in to start the registration process. You will receive a password and a login name upon completion of the registration process.

    The site owners have the right to refuse applications for registration and to delete registered entries at any time. Applicants whose professional discipline is unrelated to the above areas or activities will be refused.

    Users are allowed to access, modify or delete their personal information.

    If users select the option 'Recibir correo electrónico' (Receive e-mail) in the application form, they will receive authorized messages from the site owners, via e-mail, either submitted by a registered organization or by the owners. Messages are always related to users' professional areas of interest.


    University departments, research centres and associations of hispanists must fill in the application form. All the members of the centre or department are eligible for individual registration. The site owners have the right to refuse applications for registration from departments, centres or associations and to delete registered entries at any time.

    The head or a delegate of the centre, section or department, officers or board members of an association, can register by filling in the on-line registration form available under the Registrarse button.

    They will receive a confirmation message of registration and will be provided with a password once their request has been validated. The head and delegates, officers or board members, may access, change or cancel data referring to their centre/association at any time. However, all the members of the centre or department/association may send information to promoters for updating entries by clicking on Actualizar centros/asociación in the Departamentos/Asociaciones section.

Activities, journals and job offers

Bibliography section

  • The Hispanismo website contains a section with collections of titles interesting for hispanic’s studies professionals and investigators and his consultations in Internet.

  • University departments of Hispanic and Latin American studies and associations of hispanists can send us his collections of titles interesting for the specialists and investigators.

Users may make contributions to the "Archivo bibliográfico del hispanismo" and access publications submitted by other scholars. Authors who wish to submit publications must first fill in the following authorization forms and send them to hispanismo @

- Authorization form - Author [Formato DOC / RTF]

- Authorization form - Publisher [Formato DOC / RTF]

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  • A special section of the Hispanismo site lists on-line the resources, organizations, foundations and other websites that may be of interest to hispanists and researchers.

Guide for Hispanists

  • Guide for Hispanists website provide resources and selected links to hispanists and researchers during their period of stay in Spain.

RSS syndication service and newsletter suscription

  • The site owners provide users who are interested in Hispanismo website a RSS feeds to allow registered users to keep up-to-date. This site also includes a newsletter suscription at 'Suscribirse a novedades' with an information system based on the dissemination of data via electronic mail and related to users' areas of interest.

Hispanistas registrados

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